Wafer Concentric Butterfly Valve manual resilient seated ductile iron handle rubber lined

Wafer Concentric Butterfly Valve manual resilient seated ductile iron handle rubber lined
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Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

The plate of Huachao Wafer Type Butterfly Valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. In the butterfly valve body cylindrical channel, the disc butterfly plate around the axis of rotation, rotation angle of 0 degrees-90 degrees between, can play the role of Flow regulation, when the butterfly plate to 90 degrees the valve to the maximum opening degree, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and light weight and is composed of only a few parts. And only need to rotate 90 degrees to quickly open and close, easy to operate, and the valve has a good flow control characteristics.

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Wafer Concentric Butterfly Valve

The Wafer Concentric Butterfly Valve is widely used for water supply and drainage system to regulate or cut-off medium, in chemical industry, food and other industries. And it is designed to maintain a seal against bi-directional pressure differential to prevent backflow in systems designed for unidirectional flow. It accomplishes this with a tight fitting seal, i.e. Gasket, o-ring, precision machined, and a flat valve face on the upstream and downstream sides of the valve, valves have threaded inserts at both sides of the valve body this allows them to be installed into a system using two sets of bolts and no nuts. This valve is installed between two flanges using a separate set of bolts for each flange. This setup permits either side of the piping system to be disconnected without disturbing the other side. Huachao Wafer Concentric Butterfly Valves with main features as bellow:

Size range: 2” to 48”, DN50-DN1200

Material: cast iron and ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel

Pressure rating: ANSI 150#, PN10, PN16

End connection: wafer

Optional seating: resilient, NBR, EPDM, VITON

Actuators: manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic

Established in 1984, Huachao is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality high-tech wafer concentric butterfly valve. We are equipped with a professional factory which has a strict quality control system. May you need it, welcome to wholesale wafer concentric butterfly valve at competitive price with us.