Cast Iron Check Valve ductile ANSI B16.5 flange swing DIN standard full opening swing

Cast Iron Check Valve ductile ANSI B16.5 flange swing DIN standard full opening swing
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Cast Check Valve

Huachao Cast Check Valves are designed and manufactured strictly to international standards API 6D, BS1868, ASME B16.34 or equivalent, to reduce the flow resistance and pressure drop to the minimum possible extend which is suitable to be mounted in horizontal position only, lapped and screwed in seat ring ensures tight shut off and long duration service. Valve’s disc is perfectly designed, accurately machined and guided for efficient automatic shut off at zero pressure, with a feature of compact structure & low emission service in both swing & piston constructions.

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Cast Iron Check Valve

Huachao Cast Iron Check Valves are designed and manufactured to ensure low leakage to international standards, extensive base line laboratory testing (static and cycle testing) has been performed establishing critical design parameters necessary to achieve low emission sealing in the huachao iron check valve. In-house testing procedure has been developed and is periodically performed to ensure that standard product design and manufacturing criteria consistently result in the huachao cast iron check valve meeting a maximum of leakage prior to shipment.


Size range: 2 1/2” to 12”

Pressure rating: class 125

Material: gray cast iron, ductile cast iron

End connections: flanged

Established in 1984, Huachao is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality high-tech cast iron check valve. We are equipped with a professional factory which has a strict quality control system. May you need it, welcome to wholesale cast iron check valve at competitive price with us.