API Stainless Steel Lug Type Knife Gate Valve

Basic Info

  • Material: Carbon Steel

  • Seal Surface: Wedge Gate Valve

  • Application: Water Industrial Usage

  • Origin: Hebei China

  • Connection Form: Flange

  • Thread Position of Valve Rod: Outside Gate Valve

  • Trademark: Y

Product Description

Product Description
Body construction: Wafer type monoblock body with bi-directional flow.
Applicable medium: Sewage water, powder, paper pulp

Size: Dn40-dn900
Pressure: Pn10, pn16, 150lb, JIS10k
Body material: Cast iron, ductile iron
Disc material: 201, 304, 316, 316L
Connection: Wafer
Packing: Graphite, PTFE
Body construction: Wafer type monoblock body with bi-directional flow.
Applicable medium: Sewage water, powder, paper pulp
Actuator: Hand wheel, bevel gear, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, chain wheel, lever

Detailed product description
1. Resilient renewable
2. Seated, two-way sealing,
3. Zero leakage, long lifetime,
4. Heat-resistant, corrosion resistance

Our mss sp 81 lug slurry tetrastyleknife gate valve
With GS, CE certificate
Non-toxic, environmental-friendly material
Customized design offered
High quality, reasonable price
Our production process are made under ISO9001, CE, API strictly
We can produce many kinds of knife gate valve

Note: Lug slurry tetrastyle knife gate valve as for the difference working condition, difference working condition difference design, so we have to redesign the products according to your working codition. The pictures below designed before are served as reference.

Our asni lug slurry tetrastyle knife gate valve type features:
1, seal by structural ceramics, can prevent solid grain scour to seal face, wear, ensure valve seallasting effective.
2, single seat design can effectively prevent the deposition of slag and jam.
3, single seat, one-way sealing.
4. The valve plate design is flat with blade shape, easy to cut materials or granular media, the valveplate close to seal face, shave their the quality and slag particles which are stick to seal face andvalve plate, short type structure design makes the body more compact structure.
5. Choose packing also adopt the PTFE braid rope, seal depth design enough sealing and reliable.
6. Working principle: A. Low pressure difference condition, gate main through stem external force andguide pad/, its seal face and seat close together joint sealing; B. High pressure difference state, thevalve plate realize the seal face seal mainly under high pressure end ressure promote
7. The valves are suitable for power plant dry ash system, the warehouse pump material out conveying, also can be used in mining, paper making, chemical industry etc of all kinds have worn slag, cinders, and slag water mixture medium in pipelines as an opening and closing. Nominal pressure is 1.0 mpa, applicable temperature less than 80 ° C.
8. The valve seal adopt double seal structure type, soft seal + metal seal, metal sealing layer effectiveprotection soft sealing layer, increase the life of the seal; The valve body and cover adopt wcb steelcastings, filler/packing used high quality wear-resisting mixed flexible

Apply to solid such as ash, mud slag, coal slurry, pulp, sewage of solid, liquid-solid, and gas-solid two-phase medium conveying system in the pipeline for switching valves, such as heavy medium in the piping system for coal preparation plant.