Check valve

Check valve relies on media flows and automatic opening and closing valve, backflow valves used to prevent medium, also known as the check valve, check valve, flow valves, back pressure valves. Check valve is an automatic valve, whose main role is to prevent the media back, to prevent pump and drive motor reversing and discharge container media.
Discs by media flow and power to open or close on their own, backflow valves check valves to prevent media. Check valves are automatic valves, is mainly used for medium unidirectional pipes, allow media to flow in one direction only, in order to prevent accidents.
Check valve structure, can be classified as lift check valves, swing check valve and butterfly valve of three types:
1. lift-type check valves are divided into both vertical and horizontal.
2. swing check valves are divided into single, double-flap and flap-type three.
3. Butterfly check valve, straight.
These check valves can be divided into the connection form threaded connections, flanges, welded connections, and connect to the clamp four.