Check valve application

Butterfly-style double flap check valve applied to high-rise building of water supply network, there is a certain chemical corrosive pipe network, network of the installation space is limited, also applies to the sewer network.

Lift silent check valves suitable for water supply and drainage engineering high quality pipe pressure requires a relatively high degree of network (PN2.5Mpa), can be installed in the outlet of the pump, it is economical and practical water hammer check valve.

Lift noise check valve suitable for water supply and drainage systems, high-rise building pipe networks, can be installed at the pump outlet, structure with slight modification, can be used as the bottom valve, but do not apply to sewage pipe network.

Horizontal check valve suitable for diving, drainage, sewage pumps, particularly suitable for sewage and sludge.

Swing check valve rubber applied to water pipe network; but not sediment of sewage

Swing single check valve suitable for water supply systems, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industrial sectors have space restrictions is most suitable.