Check valve installed

A, and spin Kai type check back valve: spin Kai type check back valve of valve flap is disc-like, around valve seat channel of hinge for rotating movement, for valve within channel into streamlined, flow resistance than lifting type check back valve small, applies Yu low velocity and flow not often changes of big caliber occasions, but should not be for pulse flow, its sealed performance than lifting type. Single swing check valves, double flap and three, the three forms mainly divides according to the diameter of the valve, aims to prevent or stop the flow medium at the back, reduce hydraulic shock.

Second, l valve common), so its flow resistance coefficient. Its structure is similar to valve, valve body and disc and cut down check valve: valve slide along the vertical centerline of the valve body valve, lift check valves can be installed in horizontal pipes, high pressure disc can be used on the small check valve balls. Body shape and lift check valve globe valve (with the same valve. Disc processing guide sleeve upper and lower part of the valve cover, valve flap in valve-driven orientation Jane Jane free lift, when downstream, disc media thrust open, as when media is stopped-flow, valve flap on vertical landing on the seat, which prevents medium flow. Straight-lift check valve media import and export channel and valve seat perpendicular to the channel; vertical lift check valve, valve base media import and export channel and channel the same direction, its smaller than straight-flow resistance.

Three, disc-type non-return valve: disc rotates around the PIN inside the seat check valve. Disc-type non-return valve is simple in structure, and can only be installed on a horizontal pipe, sealing is poor.

Four, pipe-type check valve: valve slide along the centerline of the valve body valve. Pipe type check valve is a valve there is new, its small size, light weight, good process, is one of the check valve direction. Fluid resistance factor slightly larger than a swing check valve.