Check valve series

① Butterfly double disc check valves are mainly used in high-rise buildings in the supply pipeline, containing corrosive fluids and sewage pipe network in use.

② lift silent check valves are used in water supply and drainage works on the high quality requirements of the pipeline and can be installed in the outlet of the pump requires pressure (PN2.5Mpa) high pipe network; water hammer check valve is a good product.

③ lift noise check valve applied to drainage system of high-rise building and the outlet of the pump, not suitable for sewage pipes.

④ horizontal check valve suitable for diving, drainage, sewage pumps, particularly suitable for sewage and sludge.

⑤ rubber swing check valves used in municipal water pipe network system not suitable for sediment of sewage pipelines.

⑥ swing check valves are widely used, can be installed in the water supply and drainage, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, industrial pipelines, most suitable for limited space situations.