Iron or Stainless Steel Double Door/Dual Plate Wafer Check Valve Dn50-1000

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Material:Stainless Steel

  • Connection Form:Wafer

  • Structure:Swing

  • Pressure:Ordinary Pressure

  • Function:Ddcv Double Lobe, Nrvr Silence, Sfcv Rubber Lobe, Nrvz Silence, Nrvg Silence

  • Sealing Form:Gland Packings Globe Valve

  • Flow Direction:Reversing

  • Standard:ANSI

  • Application:Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage

  • Trademark:OTS

  • Specification:CE/ISO/KS/KC/BV...

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:84818040

Product Description

The Best Quality wafer double door or single door check valve
1. Brief introdution
Wafer butterfly wafer check valve is a save-energer product is manufactured based on the foreign advanced technology and in accordance with relative international standards, the wafer check valve is featured by excellent retaining performance, high safety and reliability and low flow resistance. And the wafer check valve is suitable for systems in the industries of petrochemical, medicine, textile, paper-making, water supply and drainage, metallurgy, energy and light industry etc used as a wafer check valve in one way.
As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, our policy continuity and consistency through quality and prompt delivery.
We are professional wafer check valve manufacturer and we are specializing in butterfly valves. As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, our wafer butterfly-type check valve are cheap simple, our  factory shipped timely. As a  professional wafer check valve manufacturer, welcome to send enquiry to us or phone ordering.
In no case can we cheapen the quality of products.
2. Features
1. Small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, easy  inmintenance . 
2. Two torsion spring are used excerting on each of the pair valve plates, quickly ank automatically .
3. The quick-close action prevents the medium from flowing back and eliminates water-hanmer effect 
4. The wafer check valve is short in length, so that it is rigid and easy to mount .
5. It is easy to install on pipeline which is laid horizontaly or verticaly 
6. The wafer check valve is tightly sealed, without leakage under the pressure water  test.  
7. Safe and reliable in operation, high interference-resistance  
8. The connection dimensions of flanges accord with the standards of GB4216-4216.5-84.  
9. The face to face dimensions are in accordance with GB12221-89 ISO5752-82     
The stem of the wafer check valve should be perpendicular to the horizontal level when the wafer check valve is mounted on horizontal pipeline. For vertical in stallation the direction of flow should be downward.
3. Dual plate check valve
Dual  wafer check valves disc are important part of the valve body, valve disc, valve stem and spring, and pin compact design, shortened due to the close stroke of the valve plate and spring action can acelerate to close the effect can reduce water hammer and water hammer sound.
The wafer check valve is mainly applied to the water supply system, high-rise buildings and industial area, due to the distance between its surface than the average short wafer check valve is the most convenient place in the installation space constraints.
As a professional wafer check valve, we can provide professional drawing:
4. Technical data
As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, we can provide professional data:

Nominal Diameter
Nominal  Pressure1.0/1.6MPa
Testing PressureShell: 1.5~2.4  Sealing: 1.1~1.76
Suitable MediumFresh water, Steam, Food, medicine, Oils, Acids, etc.
Working Temperature23~+93°c

Product details
Outstanding lasting sealing property
Thanks to we are professional wafer check valve manufacturer, our seals have the following advatages:
1. The ultra light aluminum alloy valve body, the torque of  this wafer check valve is small
2. The installment is convienent, ceaseing the rust eclipse
3. The reducing torque realizes the drive weight to be light and the minaturization
4. The unique wafer check valve lever packing ring prevents the fluid divulges
5. The different material wafer check valve seats adapt to different operating mode and have the good anticorrosion and the seal performance
Installation & Maintenance
Installation Note
1. Prior to installation should check the valve specifications, pressure, temperature, corrosion resistance and meet the requirements. Should check the valve's part is damaged or loose.
2. This kind of  valve can be installed in any angle of pipe, and should be closed to install appropriate: welding pipe flanges should be blocking the valve seals, the plate to prevent particles and debris contusion close remove the valve cover, after welding, cleaning the valve sealing surface and pipe cavity, and then install the fixed valve. 
3. Please note the valve direction. 
4. The valve should be installed before the sealing surface (both ends of the sealing surface, the disc sealing surface, the seat sealing surface) thoroughly clean to remove dust and dirt. 
5. Prior to installation should be empty test the valve, opening and closing should be flexible, opening and closing position is consitent with the pointer position. 
6. Manual valve operation clockwise is off, counter-clockwise to open, the pointer indicates not allowed coupled with the power to open and close valve in place. 
( As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, the wafer butterfly-type check valve picture is shot on actual location 100%)
Failures that Can Occur and Methods to Eliminate
Failure Phenomenon
Valve at Both Ends of the Surface Leak
1. On both sides of gasket failure.
 2. Uneven cargo pipe flange clamping force is not pressed.
1. Replace the gasket. 
2. The compression flange bolts (evenly).
Method of Operation
1. Manual valves: handle out of the pipe into a parallel position, the valve in the open position,     90 centigrade angle, the valve in the closed position. Clockwise rotation of the handle is off the valves, and counterclockwise rotation of the handle to open the valve.                      
2. The valve of the worm gear: according to the part of the valve is installed indicating device identification, clockwise rotation of the handwheel off valve counterclockwise rotation of the handwheel to open the pressure
reducing valve.
3. Pneumatic, electric, electro-hydraulic  valve linkage operation, in accordance with the drive manual.
8. Company introduction
Tianjin OTS Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established during the period of China's reform specializes in all kinds of industrial butterfly valves with 13340 square meters including 8600 square meters work-shop. Fixed assets of RMB20 million as well as some advanced processing equipments, among all 120 staffs (including 15 technicians). As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, we can provide strong ability of design, processing, assembling and testing for all butterfly valves. Further,  as a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, we are rich in the experience of producing butterfly valves over 10 years, all of the butterfly valves we produced keep up to the advanced standard home and aboard.
(As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, our picture is shot on actual location 100%, the following is our company gate.)
9. Our  factory 
We are professional wafer check valve manufacturer, it's a pleasure to show our factory.  
(As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, our pictures are shot on actual location 100%.)
The following is wafer check valve body, wafer check vavle disc, valve gear box and handwheel, valve seat, wafer check valve stem:
Our certifications   
As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, we are equipment with Quality Management System Certification  
---CE 0038 Certification
---ISO 9001: 2008 Certification
---Registration Certificate of Consignors and Consignees of Imports and Exports
---Certificate of approval
---PED Certification
---SHA Certification
---60055802 Certification
---KS Certification
---TS Certification
---Business licence 
---Organization Code Certificate 
(As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, our pictures are shot on actual location 100% )
13. Our team
As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer,we have our own highly qualified staffs and R&D team. After years of efforts, the company has already owned a mature excellent cooperation team, and with plenty of well-known wafer check valve manufacturer brands at home and abroad to achieve.
(As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, our pictures are shot on actual location 100%)
All staffs:
Factory workers:
Sales team:
Our service  tips
As a professional wafer check valve manufacturer, we make the following commitments:
1. Satisfy the needs of customers
2. Fast reaction
3. High quality and guarantee
4. Using environmental protection material
5. Our wafer check valve products are complete in specifications
6. Our wafer check valve products are well-known for its fine quality 
7. Quality is job 1
8.Customer always first 
If you aren't looking for this type, we have other types for your choice.
Please send us in detail of product (material, size, thickness, thread standard , structure , packing, picture and so on), We will send you the best quotation soon.
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