Structure of check valve

Check valve (Check Valve): structure, can be classified as lift check valves, swing check valves and Butterfly type check valve three. Lift check valves can be divided into two vertical and straight. Swing check valves are divided into single, double-flap and flap-type three. Butterfly valve Butterfly double flap or Butterfly type single, the above form can be divided into several non-return valve at the connection thread connection, flange, welding and type connect four.


Check valve (Check Valve) installation should be aware of the following

1, do not put weight on the check valve in the piping system, large check valves should be separately supported, so that it does not have a pressure piping system impact.

Note the direction of the media flow 2, the installation should be consistent with the valve body marked by the direction of the arrow.

3, lift vertical disc check valves should be installed in the vertical pipe.

4, lift level disc check valves should be installed on a horizontal pipe.