Advantages Of Pneumatic Ball Valve

1, thrust bearing friction moment can stem the long-term stable and flexible operation.

2, anti-static feature: in the spring among spheroid, valve stem, valve, can export the static electricity generated by the process of switching.

3, have good self-lubricating materials such as PTFE, sphere's friction loss is small, so the long service life of ball valve.

4, small resistance for fluid: pneumatic ball valve is the valve all fluids in the classification of least resistance, even reduced ball valve, the fluid resistance is also quite small.

5, the valve stem seals and reliable: since the stem only seems to turn games without lifting movement, valve stem packing seals easy destruction and sealing ability increases with increased pressure of the medium.

6, the valve sealing performance: PTFE sealing ring made of elastic material, easy to seal, and pneumatic ball valve with medium pressure increases.