Ball Valve

Ball valve (ball valve), as defined in the standard GB/T21465-2008 of the valve terms: discs (sphere) driven by the stem and rotation around the axis of the ball valve the valve. Can be used for adjustment and control of fluid, which seated v-ball valve v-ball core and cladding carbide metal seats have very strong shear force, especially suitable for containing fiber, such as tiny solid particle medium. Multi-way ball valves on the pipeline are not only flexible control of media convergence, diversion, and flow switches, but also to close any channel connecting the two channels. The valves in the pipeline should be installed horizontally. Ball valve according to the driving pattern is divided into: pneumatic ball valve, valve, manual ball valve.

Ball valve (ball valve) came out in in the 1950 of the 20th century, with the development of science and technology, production processes and the continuous improvement of the product structure, in a short period of 40 years, has quickly developed into one of the main valve. In the Western industrialized countries, the use of ball valves are is rising year by year.

In China, the ball valve is widely used in the oil refining, pipelines, chemical industry, papermaking, pharmacy, water conservancy, electricity, municipal services, iron and steel industry, plays an important role in national economy. It has rotated 90 degrees of action, cock ball, round holes or channels through its axis.

Ball valve in the main line used to be cut off, distribution and change the direction of the flow medium, it just rotates 90 degrees of operation and very little torque, they can shut tightly. Ball valve most appropriate switches, shut off valve, v type ball valve. Should pay attention to electric valves in addition to the pipe parameter, should pay particular attention to the use of environmental conditions, because of the electric valve actuator is a mechanical and electrical equipment, its use is greatly influenced by its environment. Under normal conditions, electric ball valve, butterfly valve used to pay special attention to the following environment.