Qv347, Qv647, Qv947, V-type Control Ball Valve

Qv347, Qv647, Qv947, v-type control ball valve ball core with a v-shaped structure, seat has a shearing action. Widely used in papermaking, chemical, metallurgical and other industrial enterprises contain fiber or tiny solid particles in suspension media for the relevant process parameters control is especially suitable for pulp, of paper pulp, water, black liquor, white liquid suspended particles, such as fluid and thick, dark paste automatic regulation of the flow stream.

This belongs to the fixed ball valve v-ball valve, single seat seal ball valve, performance is the best in ball valve, is equal percentage flow characteristics, adjustable up to 100:1. Its v-notch and metal seat between the shear force, especially for fibre, tiny solid particles, slurries and other media three-way ball valve with t-type and l-type. T-type can make three perpendicular pipe connected and cut a third channel, diffluence, Confluence. L-forms can only be connected mutually orthogonal two pipes, cannot keep the third pipeline connected, distribution function.